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Jadual Top Label Rewinder

Rewinder Tabletop

Rewinder Jadual Automatik adalah sistem reel-to-reel reel / rewind untuk label format roll dengan kemudahan untuk mengira kuantiti label yang ditetapkan. Sistem penggulungan label 'reel to reel', yang direka untuk mengira dan mengembalikan label dalam proses offline luar biasa.

 RFID Roll to Roll Screen Printing Machine

Mesin percetakan skrin RFID

Mesin Cetak RFID ini digunakan secara meluas pada beberapa label ketepatan tinggi seperti Antena RFID, menyesuaikan diri dengan industri elektronik. RFID adalah pendek untuk Pengenalan Kekerapan Rodia.

Kaunter Label Talian Reel-to-Reel

Reel to Reel Label Rewinding machine

The Reel to Reel Label Rewinding machine adalah cara cepat untuk menghitung jumlah label pada roll, membalik arah label pada roll.

Kertas bercetak Offline Roll to Sheet Cutter Machine

Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Rotary Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine yang digunakan secara meluas dalam Pakaian, Minuman, Kimia, Komoditi, Jentera, Perkakasan, Perubatan.

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roll to roll rewinding machine

roll to roll rewinding machine

Automatic Rewinding Machine,  with web guide ,  flexible shaft of for choose . More features available for option:  --count piece function --count meter/length function --web-guiding (rectify deviation) function --touch screen control panel --two motors for both direction rewinding (left-to-right and right-to-left) --cut plate with knife guiding slot

Quality-assured accessories will be availalbe for customers requirement


Our machines have a certain brand benefit in the minds of customers nowadays. At the beginning, many guests did n’t know that there was a professional supplier of printing machines, LINGTIE. Slowly until later they knew and became familiar with our existence (buy machines and then trust us), and then introduced to their friends. Along the way, LINGTIE families also put a lot of effort, especially our engineers, each of our new product design is humane, and constantly improve according to customer needs.

Now many customers have bought our machine and the feedback quality is very good. This is mainly getting benefit from our strict quality control departments. Especially for exported products, we must use quality-assured accessories, so as not to worry customers. We know that even if small parts get broken, it will be a big problem for customers due to the long distance. For our machines, we are very familar with every part even like a screw, nut. So if small questions, customer just need a description or a simple video, our engineers will tell the solutions immediately. If complicated, we will show in video to teach step by step until solving out. That is why we have many loyal "fans".

Meanwhile, by visiting the factory, it is known that we have our own CNC workshop, which strongly proof that we have the ability to control quality. Now guests also started to consult and purchase some accessories. In view of the requirements of customers, I will release some information about accessories in our website. Let our customers be able to buy the required machines and product accessories with confidence here.

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